Thursday, January 21, 2016

Finally went to the archery range yesterday

With all the rains in the area, we finally had a clear day yesterday and I took the opportunity to go to the archery range.  My new Martin Savannah Longbow was all set up and ready, and itching to go.  The rains had made the range a mud hole with a little creek of water flowing between the shooting area and the targets.  But I didn't care and along with another shooter, had the place to ourselves.  I shot the entire gamut of targets from 15 - 35 yards for the maiden practice shoot.  I already have a nice longbow in the Bear Ausable,  so it is with that bow that I naturally made comparisons to  during the evaluation period.  Both bows are 40 lbs draw weight at 28" and have the reflex-deflex configuration and are made in the USA.

Martin Savannah VS Bear Ausable:
So the verdict on the Savannah is that its a great bow, and very good shooter.  I think that it would rate in one of top three of the most accurate traditional bows that I own.  From an accuracy standpoint, I feel it is on par with the Bear Austable.  But as to arrow speed, its seems to me that the Savannah is a tad faster.  I used the same arrows for both bows for the evaluation (Carbon Express Heritage 150s).  A faster bow will make arrows flatter and more accurate at longer distances.  The Savannah seems to be quieter but both have noise suppressors so its a non factor.

Here is a photo of my second series of shots at 20 yards.

Not a bad grouping at 20 yards for the 2nd series of arrows
The hard decision as to which bows to take back with me to the Land of Smiles awaits.  I want to take only two bows back due to luggage limitations so hopefully during the next two weeks some more shooting at the range will give me some indication.  Both however, will be longbows as that is my choice of styles to shoot for the next few months and I don't have any in the mango.

In the meantime, its time to scope out things for my Vegas trip next week.  Its only four days away and I haven't even started to pack or think about the trip yet.  After Vegas, its will be nearly time to go back home.  Can't wait.

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