Monday, January 11, 2016

Fun Weekend up in the mountains

Donner Lake 

Back from a nice weekend up in the mountains.  There was lots of snow and the driving conditions were pretty good.  No chains or road controls were in place, but the slopes and mountains were freshly covered in clean white snow, and the panoramic views were breath taking.  Its one of times when you realize that Kalifornia isn't such a bad place to live if it weren't for the crazy politicians that run the place.  More about politics later as we ran into something interesting in Reno.

Spent a few hours at Boreal Ridge sipping hot coffee while some friends were off skiing.  Quite a surprise as to the number of snowboarders because when I was skiing a lot, everyone was on skiis only.  Goes to show how dated I am.  Anyway, after a few hours outside in the cold, I decided to go to Reno in advance and check in at the hotel.  We all agreed to stay at one of the interconnected hotels downtown and I chose the Silver Legacy.  It was bit pricey, but its location and amenities were quite nice (e.g. Free WiFi and Spa).  

Anyway, we had dinner at Sterling Steakhouse and I  realized how much I have missed getting some good steak.  We don't have many choices when it comes to beef in the Land of Smiles and good old thick American steaks is not one of those choices.  Yum..Prime Rib, extremely rare with lots of au jus.   Prices are high, but our host paid so it was that much better!

Afterwards I had a chance to wander around the casinos a bit.  To my surprise, I found some $5, single deck tables - the only disadvantage was that blackjack only paid 6 to 5.  Great situation for card counters and basic strategy players.  Two hours later, I had enough to cover my hotel stay and a bit more so it was a great trip with a bit of profit to boot...555

Lastly, after some breakfast at Circus Circus the next morning, we all decided to drive back.  On the way out of Reno, we saw this huge line wrap around the block.  The people in line all had Trump cards and there were these huge Trump flags.  Little did we know that Trump was in town to speak.  I really think he has a chance now to go all the way because the temperature was in the low 30s and a bit windy but there were these thousands of people in line waiting for some time to get inside.  That kind of support and energy is something that is contagious and is a force not to be dismissed.

Overall, it was a lot of fun and something that I have to do more often.  

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