Thursday, January 7, 2016

Getting a bit stir crazy

Its been raining a lot the last couple of days in Kalifornia.  Good news for the farmers, but for us civilians, it means having to stay indoors a lot.  No archery and trying to avoid the windy, cold, and wet weather at home is starting to get a bit boring.  I like the outdoors and when it rains during the winter in the Bay Area, pretty much everything shuts down.  The golf course is too muddy and cold, the archery range is closed, and even taking a walk outside is a challenge.  Worked out in the gym the last couple of days for exercise and that's it.

One saving grace is that I might be going to the mountains this weekend.  A friend is celebrating a birthday and is inviting me to celebrate along with them in Reno.  It will be a one night type of event, with some of them going skiing during the day  I plan to only join them for dinner as my old knees will definitely not be able to withstand the stress.  Dinner at the Silver Legacy is planned this Saturday night and so I started looking for cheap rooms yesterday.  Most offer a deal on weekdays, but the weekend rates are double or triple the promo rate.  If it snows too hard, its likely I will not attend - getting to be too much of a wimp although the prospect of some white snow is quite tempting.

Have you heard of hickok45?  He recently got closed down on YouTube for a couple of days for reasons still unknown until Google got barraged with emails and complaints from his followers.  hickok45 is a very popular gun reviewer and with the push from the politicos on gun control and the liberals in Sillycom Valley, they want very much to restrict guys like him.  Why?  Because he is so normal and sane and likes guns.  He doesn't fit their poster boy profile - namely a crazed or emotionally disturbed guy out to kill little kids, old ladies, etc.  Well, guess what?  hickok45 is a pretty good archer as well.  Just came across one of his videos and he demonstrates his skill with a longbow while giving some pointers on how to shoot.

Anyway, here are a couple of videos of him in each discipline.  Talented guy and someone who inspires me to be better at these target sports.

hickok45 with a longbow

hickok45 on my favorite pistols, the 1911

Feeling homesick and can't wait to get home.  Have to wait out the business stuff and taxes but February will be here soon and it will be time for shorts and tees again in 90F degree weather.

Maybe I'll go to the shooting range today...555

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