Saturday, January 9, 2016

Going to the mountains and Reno today

Going to spend the weekend in the mountains to attend a friend's 62nd birthday.  Leaving this morning and should be back late tomorrow.  It's snowing lightly and I should get some decent pictures on the way up

The drive may be a bit difficult at the summit, but I have 4WD on my CRV and should be OK.  It will be good to drive in the snow again as I haven't done that in a while.  Just take it slow and gentle and not do anything stupid and everything should be OK.  When I was attending college, I would sneak off this time of year for a day's skiing instead of attending classes.  Did a lot of crazy things back then, but I loved skiing.  Can't ski worth sh*t nowadays as my knees hurt if I just climb too many stairs...555.  Maybe if the temperature was in the 90s, my knees would be loose enough to ski again, but at 32F, there is no chance at all.

We will all be meeting in Reno for dinner.  Weather in Reno will be in the 20s with light snow which means -5C or lower so it will be a bit chilly outside.  But plans are to be inside most of the time since we are all staying at the Silver Legacy.  As I recall, the major casinos in the area are all interconnected with enclosed or underground walkways so its not necessary to go outside to get around.

Anyway, more later as I need to throw some warm things together and get ready.  Yeah...this is something I cannot do in the land of smiles.  B tells me it was close to 90F today and also gave me some good news that I will share at a later time.

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