Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Is it finally here ?????

The start of the new year has not gone well for the global markets.  Starting with China, and bad world news this weekend, the US Market dropped over 450 points yesterday before coming back and skidding around like a hockey put.  The futures today look like we are in for another decline.

From all indications, things should have blown apart sometime last year, but through intervention and fake stats, things somehow continued to look rosy.  Never mind the declining indicators and poor corporate results...things are moving up they say.  Hope no one bought in to that lie as this year is likely going to be a very turbulent year.  I can only hope that I can get back to the land of smiles before things really go bad.

With the Saudis and Iran lining up their chess pieces for a middle east slug festival, and the arms merchants drooling with glee, one can only guess when things begin to fall apart.  My belief is that we are going to see some kind of war we have not experienced in the past.  It will be a "show time" war - a war made for TV and propaganda to try to win over the hearts and minds of people.  Each side will try to demonize the other and all weapons except nuclear will be used.  Its great for the arms merchants and powers on both sides as they can get rid of some of their old bombs and missiles and order newer stuff.

Expect lots of TV coverage, press manipulation, social media, gory photos, and news spin.  Its going to be reality TV from the front lines every night.  Facebook likes, tweets on how each battle is going, and yes, even Snapchat photos from the front lines.  But it is still war.

Just watch the first two minutes...unless you want all the kissy kissy stuff

People will die.  Lots of soldiers too, but that is the reality of the world we live in.  Widows and kids will cry and die on all sides too.  In the aftermath of this fight with 'boxing gloves', the battlefield will be in ruins, the countries fighting will be deep debt and their economies devastated, and the bankers will be joyously ready with pen and paper to lend money.  The arms merchants and industrial complex will boom again and so happy days will be here again.  

Thus is the fate of mankind as history repeats itself hoping each time for a different outcome.  Maybe it will be different this time and we pull the switch for the nuclear weapons.  At least we will see it on TV for a few minutes before it impacts...

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