Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Its too bad I live in Kalifornia....

When I am not in the land of smiles, I live in Kalifornia.  Being a part-time resident here has one big disadvantage when it comes to gun ownership.  There are such restrictive rules and laws as to make owning really neat firearms illegal.  Its not like I am a wannabe Rambo, or a firearms nutcase, but I enjoy firearms and target shooting - just like I enjoy archery.

One of the firearms I have always wanted was the Kel-Tech 2000.  I know that I am not alone in this desire, but its impossible to get one legally in Kalifornia.  Much to my frustration, Kel-Tech has announced the second generation of this firearm.  Makes one want to move to Nevada just so that I can buy this neat little toy.   Why is the Kel-Tech so neat?  Aside from it being able to fold in half, it can use magazines and bullets from your handguns.  So technically, one can carry both a handgun and a rifle like carbine, in one bug out bag, and only carry one caliber of bullet and one set of magazines and use them in both weapons.  The ultimate zombie killer and self defense gun.  

Its no match to real rifle like a AR, but portability and versatility is the selling point.

In previous models, the Kel-Tech supported different handgun magazines, including Glock and Sig Sauer.  Info and review here on YouTube:

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