Tuesday, January 19, 2016

My new bow arrived yesterday

Ordered a new longbow off eBay the other week and it arrived last night.  To my surprise I got a bit more than I thought I was bidding on.  I've been researching the Martin Savannah Longbow, which has two versions - the standard and the stealth.  In the catalog, they show the stealth with pronounced black and white patterns on the riser instead of the nice wood grain on the standard Savannah.  I decided to bid on the stealth because it was a bit cheaper.

The Savannah is not only a great shooting bow with tons of great reviews, but it also rated the top 'production' longbows by many forums and enthusiasts.  I wanted a couple of longbows to take back with me to the Land of Smiles so this bow was on my shopping list.  The Savannah was also the bow that was used in the Hunger Games movies, Mocking Jay Parts 1 & 2.  They switched from the Hoyt Buffalo which was used in the prior two movies to this bow due to a new story line.

This was the bow I ended up winning

When my bow arrived, it was not the stealth bow that I expected.  Instead, I received the more expensive dark tinted "Hunger Games" version of the  regular Savannah, which is very hard to come by.  Its very beautiful and unique bow and now it also has a bit of Hollywood pedigree and fame...555.  And it was dirt cheap to boot.

Its raining today again so I won't be able to take it out to shoot, but I can spend some time getting it ready.  See the bow in action on this trailer from the movie.

Now, anybody know where I can get some of those exploding arrows???

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