Saturday, January 23, 2016

Rain, Rain, Go away...come back another day!

Been raining a lot here in the Bay Area the last few weeks.  It good because we need the water in California, but it sure puts a limit on what one can do outdoors during these storms.  No golf, no archery, and going up to the snow again is not an option for this trip.  But whatever we have, its still a lot better than the East Coast which is currently bogged down in snow storms.  Roads are closed and people are advised to stay inside and businesses are encouraged to curtail activities for the week.  Its moments like now that I really miss the warm weather and sunshine in the big mango.

What I also miss on this side of the Bay Area are malls like they have in the mango.  There are a few malls sprinkled around the East Bay, but they are mostly on their last legs with many vacancies and tier B type stores.  The demographics in many of the mall locations have made them dangerous and magnets for trouble makers.  Many of the nicer stores are tired of the declining business coupled with losses to shoplifting and looting,  and have moved out.  An example is a large mall near me that was once pretty vibrant but is now virtually empty of shoppers is Hilltop Mall.  Here is a video of the mall on a Saturday afternoon - usually one of the busiest times of the week.  The lack of shoppers and mall traffic speaks for itself and why hanging out here is not something one wants to do.  By the wall, the bank has foreclosed on this property and will be putting it on sale.  Story here.

On the other hand, here is a typical day (looks like a normal weekday) at Central World.  Which would you like to visit and hang out?

An unfair comparison?  Not really because it take about the same amount of time for me to reach each of these malls from where I live when I'm on that side of the bookend.

So will all that rambling, I'm basically saying I have a small case of the "Bangkok Blues".  I miss the mango, I miss the warm weather, and I especially miss my family.  My only consolation is that in a couple of days I will get to visit Vegas.  

In the meantime, have a nice weekend everyone and enjoy whatever it presents to you.

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