Monday, January 4, 2016

Shot my new bow today....

A couple of posts ago, I noted that I ordered a new bow -- a traditional long bow.  It came in yesterday and I had a chance to set it up and shoot it today.  Based on today's results, I think I have come full circle in this sport of archery. The very first time I shot a bow was a simple longbow style kids bow at summer camp.  When I rediscovered archery,  I started out using the most modern, high tech bows available - compound bows.  Then I started shooting recurves of different kinds, and finally had a chance to shoot a good longbow.  I think I have finally found my 'sweet spot' and will likely do much more longbow shooting from now on.

The Bear Ausable (pronounced AWE sa bul) is an Awesome bow.  Light, fast, and extremely accurate.  I was hitting tight groups from the very first batch of arrows.  The neat thing about a longbow is its simplicity.  Just a piece of wood and string.  Nothing to adjust and no extra accessories to buy.   With no sights and aids, its just you and your instinctive shooting...

My evolution......

Olympic recurve

Traditional recurve bows

Ausable Longbow 
The trip out to the archery range was very cold.  In fact, there was still frost on the ground during the morning hours.  A stark contrast to shooting in shorts and tee shirts in the mango.  But its only temporary I tell myself...only 5 more weeks to go.

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