Thursday, January 14, 2016

The fox is guarding the hen house

In a vote of 53-44, the senate killed a bill proposed by Rand Paul to audit the Federal Reserve.  Like his father Ron, Rand and many others believe that the Federal Reserve is out of control and will eventually collapse the entire world financial system.  The Feds have never been audited nor has anyone recently audited the gold at Fort Knox, etc.  We are all living us a 'trust us we know what we are doing' belief system that is unverifiable and above auditing.  Story here:

Sure, there are people in the government, on paper, who are responsible for this function.  But just listen to the following testimony from the inspector general responsible for such actions.

If this doesn't scare the pants off of you then you deserve all that you will get when this house of cards comes falling down.  2016 is already starting out badly....are you ready for the roller coaster ride ahead?  Or should I say, the waterfall drop straight ahead?

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