Monday, January 25, 2016

The Parkas are out in the Mango!

Just got off the phone with B and Marina and got a big laugh when B got on the video with her parka on and the hood up.  She was even indoors!  Apparently its a bone chilling 64F or 17C there at the present time...555.  Marina didn't seem to care as she was only in her lightweight panamas playing with her playdough set.  We often admire and wonder how the local Thais endure the hot weather and heat when we are suffering big time.  Now its time for me to kid B about the cold and how much of a wimp she is on the other side of the thermometer.  It won't get above 17C here in the bay area and hasn't been above that for a while so it would be short sleeves and shorts for us here...555

In all seriousness, the forecast high was 20C for the mango and that is serious for many elderly Thais who living in structures meant for hot climates.  Central heating and heaters are as rare as air conditioners are in the North Pole so many get stressed out health wise and deaths will likely occur.  The last cold spell like this killed over 64 people.   

This 'Polar Vortex' storm has hit China, Hong Kong, and Taiwan relatively hard and already more than 50 deaths have been attributed to the record cold weather.  Schools are closed and people in Taiwan are out playing in the snow like their counterparts in NYC.   People where trapped on top of Victoria Peak in Hong Kong chasing after a glimpse  of frost and ice.  Story Here.

Meanwhile little else has to be said about the climate on the East Coast of the USA.

This site supposedly doesn't exist in Alaska

One can only speculate is this is the first foray into the 'Climate Wars' with secret weapons such as HAARP?  Information about HAARP here.  No, its not something only conspiracy believers made up, its real with real sites already built by the US Military and our rivals in Russia, China, and others doing the same
History has shown that weather can play a game changing role in warfare and battles. Civilizations have been lost due to weather changes.  The climate control weapons can be used to deal significant havoc and economic loss to the other side without leaving a trail of radioactivity to the perpetrator.  Isn't it strange that record cold fronts have hit both China and the USA at the same time?  A bit of Tit for Tat?  

Weather is the ultimate weapon as control of it can cause mass starvation, environmental damage, and death without leaving a nuclear half life of thousands of years in its wake.  Our rivals in the world know this and as always, have developed their own versions of the same technology.  

Maybe its just coincidence, but its something we should be aware of that might be happening.  It isn't the first time nor will it be the last, that our world leaders and governments have done something to us without telling us...right?

Now for all this cold weather...where is Al Gore and his all his global warming folks...we need some of that heat now!


  1. I'm always amazed at how Thais are able to wear dark colored multi-layered clothing in 90-95F weather. I'm at the other extreme. I prefer the cold. During winter (for the past 15+ years), I actually sleep with the fan on & wear only T-shirts & shorts while at home.

  2. Ha ha ha. Me too. I like the cooler weather but have noticed a steady preference for warm as I get older.

    1. I'm in NYC, though, so winters here can get quite cold :-).

  3. Ha ha ha. Me too. I like the cooler weather but have noticed a steady preference for warm as I get older.


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