Saturday, February 6, 2016

A new toy...

Got my belated Christmas present delivered yesterday.  I have been eyeing this camera for a while, even before it was released as a replacement for my trusty Canon powershot s120 and G1x.  My s120 takes great pictures for a small pocket camera, especially when the lightning is not at its best, but its limited by its reach or how far one can zoom into a scene or subject.

I also have a G1x, for a larger travel camera, but it was slow and sluggish and didn't offer an image better than the S120 as they shared the same image chip.  It also had limited range, but the pictures were decent.  Then the G3X came out last year.

The G3X retracted

What makes the G3X so special is that it has a zoom range of 24-600mm in a very compact form factor.  Having that kind of range is ideal for travels and kite events where I may have shoot pictures far up in the sky.  But its also compact enough to not take up an entire suitcase with my long lens. I love my L series lenses with their low light capability, but those that have seen a 400mm or 600mm lens know that they looks like  bazookas with weighs to match.

Camera extended to 600mm

With the G3x, you don't get the same professional image quality as with the big lenses, but pictures are perfectly acceptable for most general purpose applications.  Personal pictures, web photos, and portraits are within the realm of this camera's capabilities.  It will come with me back to the land of smiles and hopefully I will have a bunch of great photos to post on this blog soon.

With just over a week left on this end of the world, it will be hectic and very busy.  Have a bunch of doctor's appointments and tests scheduled.  Nothing serious, just a validation of some findings from the doctors and hospitals in the mango.

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