Monday, February 1, 2016

Back from Vegas

Still a bit tired from being on the road the last few days, but overall very happy to have made the trip and glad to get back into the bay area.  Vegas is a fun city and there is always something to do and someplace to go, but to this old guy, the energy didn't match the enthusiasm...555

This time on the road, I tried to use Twitter to update my activities and it was very easy to use.  With just a smartphone with me, it cut down the amount of luggage and weight that I needed to carry and left me some room for shopping.  The only disadvantage was the small keyboard that the phone provided for typing and posting.  It could be quite a chore for a long blog post if done daily.  Twitter limits the text to 125 characters so it forces you to be concise.   Here is a link to the tweets (with photos)  from the trip if you missed them.

With the extra space, I naturally bought more stuff and still ended up carrying stuff in a small store bag as hand carry luggage.

The archery competition and trade show was more than I expected.  Would like to do it again in the future, schedule permitting.  For those interested, they posted the live broadcast of the archery event on YouTube already.  You can get an idea of the shootout venue and competition level by looking at the video below:

Plan to start some shopping this week for the trip home.  Exactly two weeks before I board the big silver bird.  It will be great to get away from all this political stuff happening at the moment.  They paint it like nothing else in the world is happening except this stupid Iowa primary.

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