Friday, February 26, 2016

Back in the Mango

Got back in the mango yesterday afternoon after a nice leisurely drive back from the resort.  We also made a little stop at one of our favorite places on the way back - Farm Chokchai.  You may be familiar with them as they have many  umm!..milk kiosks at many of the malls around the mango.  Chok Chai farm is their roadside attraction that features farm animals for kids to pet and a number of attractions for the 'older' kids people who always wanted to be cowboys.

Its located about 50km outside of Saraburi on National Highway 2 and is very popular during the weekends.  Recently, they have just completed a huge museum containing their antique cars and other artifacts from their history.  We haven't had a chance to go inside yet, but it seems like a pretty neat attraction.  Anyway, it was ice cream time for us yesterday as both B and Marina were in a mood for something sweet so we made a pit stop at the farm.

Do you believe in deja vu ?  I didn't before but I'm convinced there might be something to all of this as the first time I visited this place, I envisioned two things:  Having ice cream with B at one of the picnic tables before, and having ice cream with my daughter and B here before she was born.  Both have come true and its not because we forced it to just happened.  For both B and I, we felt that we have done this many more times in past lives, like a movie being re-run over and over again.

But strange feelings aside, it was a fun time as Marina got to feed an Elephant, some goats, and some baby cows.  Marina was kind of shy at first but once things got started, she was very excited.  In the above picture, she is looking at the elephant from behind a post, but later is help dad feed a banana to the big elephant.

If  you are wondering about the jackets, it was a cool 73 degrees and windy yesterday.  Here in Thailand, that is jackets and parka time....5555

Anyway, I am entertaining guests for one more day as they get on the plane tonight around midnight. They have to be back at their hotel by 9PM so the plan is to take them shopping around the Ratchadaprop area - hit the major shopping centers and then have dinner down there.  If they get done early, I might drop by the lobby to visit the guys....but otherwise, life is grand in the land of smiles.

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