Saturday, February 20, 2016

Busy Day...

Had a very busy day yesterday.  

Ending up meeting with Barnaby around lunch time to deliver his goodies.  But it took me an hour each way and a big chunk of the day was used up.  Then I had to run off to meet some friends visiting Thailand for the first time.  They are part of a tour and had the evening free and Saturday available before going off to Kanchanaburi, Ayuttaya, etc.  Tried to take them to Asiatique after dinner, but they were so pooped out after a late flight the day before and the early city tour that we settled on a quick visit to Terminal 21 and Central World and a  two hour foot massage instead.

That was definitely a hit as all of them were sound asleep about 10 minutes into the massage...555  Ended up sending them back to their hotel by Taxi so that they could get some rest.

Planning on taking them to the Grand Palace later today and then another try at Asiatique.  They have plans to visit the weekend market this morning for a few hours and I will meet them afterwards at their hotel.

Time permitting, we will have a drink at the Sky Bar at State Tower before sending them off on the rest of their tour.  They will be back one more day next week before flying back to the states.  

We've decided to postpone our trip upcountry until Monday to give us one extra day in the mango.  Its been so hectic that I haven't even stocked the frig with food or drinks yet.  But that's how things are here...busy, busy, busy.

More later or tomorrow.

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