Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Cool spell in the Northeast of Thailand

The next four days are supposed to bring colder weather here in the Northeast, but for me, the weather has been really ideal.  Its a very pleasant 78F outside right now and its already 11AM and it won't go too much higher today because we have a slight overcast.  These kinds of days are hard to come by this time of year and tonight, it will be likely that the locals will be in parkas and huddled around fires to keep warm.  I will be in shorts and might throw on a long sleeved shirt if it drops below 70F.

Spent yesterday just doing landscaping work around the resort.  I mostly watched as B's father and nephew did the hard stuff like climbing trees and and stuff.  The plants just seem like they are on steroids up in this area.  It must be the sunshine and climate that is so conductive to growth because our resort has changed from bare ground to lush growth in just over 3 years.

In these two photos, the Resort center with palm trees just planted 3 years ago and photo of from the same perspective recently.

In the next two photos, the bungalows from three years ago and another shot from recently.

Most of the trees are still young and growing and my hope is that one day our resort will be jungle-like with lots of shade in the hottest time of the year and a place where we can attract lots of birds and natural animals that are native to this area.

Some more work is in order for today, but the plan is to go back to the Mango tomorrow so that I can meet up with my friends before they leave the land of smiles.  According to their schedule, they are in Pattaya and due to be back for a dinner cruise tomorrow night.

Going to go outside and enjoy the weather some more.....555

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