Monday, February 8, 2016

Disappointing Superbowl........

Aside from the outcome, the Superbowl didn't meet up with the hype.  The game itself was a great display of defense and my chosen team won, but the hype leading up to this game was unbelievable. And then there was the half-time show which had too many political overtones - from LGBT to protest for police shootings - and reinforces San Francisco as a bastion of  ultra liberals.  And this was planned all along as indicated by this piece published the day before the superbowl.

The commercials, my favorite part of the games, were very disappointing.  For the amount that the advertisers were paying for airtime, the content and creativity was lacking.  There were the Doritos commercials which were quite funny but the rest were forgettable and will be forgotten by today.

Just one week left before going back to the mango.  I've been fighting a head cold and cough the last few days and have been trying to get some extra sleep and rest to get well quicker.  Also time to start a trial packing run to see how much space I have left and then make plans if I don't have enough room.  

Seven more days........I can't wait.

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