Thursday, February 18, 2016

Greetings from the Mango

Sorry for the late post, but my post from the Taipei airport did not get uploaded and I was too tired to do any kind of posting when I arrived yesterday.  Ended up sleeping until B and Marina woke me up around dinner time.  After some food, I went back to sleep some more and then was wide awake at 4AM so that is how my day has been so far.

I can't describe how great it is to be home and sleeping in my bed.  Its as if a big weight was lifted from me when I got here and things just seem like they are perfect again.  Even though, one of the aircon units is acting up again like last time, I didn't even mind.  The aircon in the bedroom is working so it was bearable. Waking up in the mango and watching Marina wake up with a big smile on her face was priceless this morning. 

Anyway, today's plans is to stock up on supplies and see if I can unpack and deliver some of the goodies from the states.  Some friends are dropping by the mango for a couple of days this week and I will be playing tour guide.  Then afterwards, a trip up country is planned until the middle of next week.  

This morning, the walk to the market and 7Eleven was really refreshing.  The warm air and city noise was like a security blanket around me and the smell of food from the street vendors was heavenly.  After all, this is a slice of paradise and a place called home.  Yep no place like home.

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