Monday, February 15, 2016

Last Day...

It what seems like, in the words of Princess Anna of Arendelle, "For the first time in forever", I am finally getting ready to jump back over to the other bookend.  Still haven't finished packing as the kites I was promised on Saturday didn't arrive and there are some toilet accessories and last minute stuff that still needs packing that always makes up the mad dash to the airport.  I am hoping that the delivery in just delayed so there is still a chance that it might arrive today for me to include it on this trip.

Didn't realize when I made this booking months ago that it was President's day weekend.  It didn't seem to impact the booking and booking price significantly as I think Chinese New Year took the bulk of the traffic on Asian Airlines and this week was significantly slower.

My bags are once again full and this time I have one less bag to use because I am bringing a tube with my longbows inside.  This is a special travel tube for wooden bows that will protect them from damage.  EVA allows the transport of sporting equipment so I will be using this tube to bring back the one piece bows that I ordered in the USA.  The case cost is offset by the savings in price by purchasing my bows in California.  Besides, the best custom bow makers are currently located in the USA and shipping to Thailand is extremely expensive so this is my archery equipment supply chain.

WORLD WAR III ????????

I'm very glad to be traveling today as I fear significant upheaval in the world is forthcoming.  With the Saudis and Turkey about to invade Syria and a likely reactive response by Russia, Iran, and Syria, the likelihood that this will draw everyone into the fight is very high right now.  Little did the puppet masters know when they started the 'regime changes' in the Clinton/Bush eras that it would come to this.  

*** Update:  According to news stories, Turkey has entered Syria with ground troops***  source here. 

Hundreds of thousands of troops, over 20,000 tanks, and other pieces of military hardware are being deployed on the borders.  All it takes is a spark and the powder keg we know as the middle east will blow up.  Some expect the sands will be glowing after tactical nuclear weapons are used, making the area a wasteland for generations to come.  See source here;

But perhaps that was the plan all long.  When things go sour economically, history has shown that starting a war is the best way to redistribute the wealth of nations.  So as they go at each other in the middle east, the arms merchants and bankers get rich.  Guess where these guys are located?--Not in the middle east.  They will be the winners no matter who wins or what happens.  And all the while, the main stream media is quiet as a mouse covering all of this.  You see, its part of the plan to keep you fat, dumb, and happy as they bring everyone to slaughter.  

Best to ride out this conflict in the next few months in the land of smiles.  Could get dangerous if you live in any of the countries involved in this mess...and a real mess it is.

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