Thursday, February 11, 2016

Last minute stuff....

With less than five days left on this bookend, the scramble is starting.  I'm still waiting for some merchandise I ordered from the kite trade show and there is still a bit of last minute shopping left. The bags are getting full and I am getting a bit worried that I might not have enough room to bring everything.  But I will try my best to bring everything and will have to prioritize what I leave behind should there not be enough room.

Since I was here in the bay area, I decided to get a second opinion on my heart murmur which was first identified in Thailand.  The good news is that my condition is not serious nor does it require any medical intervention or restrictions at this point - same as indicated in my other diagnosis.  I have a defective flap in my mitral valve which doesn't close properly.  It may be been genetic, but lately its been accompanied with palpitations.  

After some extensive tests, the doctor determined that neither the regurgitation nor the palpitations were serious.  My heart is very healthy.  No medications needed or recommended...just monitor on a regular basis and practice a healthy heart lifestyle.   For the first time, I took advantage of my benefits as a medicare user and it didn't cost me a penny for the evaluation.  Looks like I will be around for a bit longer.

The media is still buzzing about the primary elections this week.  With Trump and Sanders winning, its creating quite a stir in the halls of Washington and power centers around the planet.  The unfortunate thing is that neither will win the Presidency.  The "powers that be" that control the world order will make sure of that.  For example, even though Sanders whipped Clinton collectively in NH and barely lost in Iowa, Clinton has a commanding delegate lead of 394 to 74.  Clinton lost big in NH but she got more delegates due to the 'Super Delegates' which can vote for anybody they want, irregardless of the voter's results.  As for Trump, look for the Super PACs to send in their special 'hit teams' to knock him out with tactics, dirt,  dirty tricks, or some other means.  They have too much invested in the China Shop to let a bull like him to run amok inside the holy walls of Washington.  They are scared to death of him and will do anything to knock him off...Trump better watch his back - that is how evil these people can be.

And lastly, if all else fails, expect some kind of false flag crisis to suspend voting and possible implementation of  martial law for a possible third term or extension of the present administration.  


That's what someone would have been called a few months ago if someone said that Trump would be the Republican front runner and that a 74 year old Bernie Sanders would butt whip Clinton in NH by 20 percentage points.  

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