Sunday, February 28, 2016

Pleasant weekend in the Mango

So far, its been a very pleasant weekend in the mango.  The weather has cooperated wonderfully by not being excessively hot due to a cold front from China.  Great to be out and about without breaking a sweat and the evenings are cool and pleasant.

Spent yesterday morning doing house chores and the afternoon at the salon.  Aside from getting some grooming done, we had some business to take care of.  A couple of offers to buy the salon  and a proposal to open a second location have come in that I am considering very seriously.  Since we opened the business in 2009, the business has been doing well but our demographics have changed a bit as well as our business.  Where in the past, most of our customers were from Europe, our newer customers are more diverse including a mix of Asian customers.  

Our business has also experienced an increase in demand for massage and facials over hair styling.  We now have three commissioned massage people in addition to our hair stylist.  Part of the success has been the transformation of our Soi into a major hotel and hostel center in the Khaosan Road area.  More later as developments emerge, but I think I may just sell and take the money as a bird in hand is worth two in the bush...right?  Besides its been seven years and I have an itch to do something else and want to give my partner a chance to do well on her own.

Plans today call for a visit to the archery range and then dinner at Oishi Grand!  Haven't been to Oishi Grand for a while because the Oishi at Central Rama 9 was always more conveniently located.  But the Grand is much better in terms of food selection and quality so my mouth is watering just thinking about all that food.

Lastly arrows are still too wobbly in flight for my liking and today's visit to the range will involve testing some different arrows to see if its a spine issue or something else with the bow.  But that's part of the learning experience and fun of a new sport.

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