Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Superbowl Craziness in the Bay Area

Had a chance to visit the "Superbowl City" Exhibit over the weekend.  As you may already be aware, the Superbowl (Championship of American Football for those non US readers) will be held in Santa Clara next weekend.  Santa Clara is about 80kms south of San Francisco and the entire Bay Area has been preparing for a massive influx of visitors to this event.  The next weekend is going to be crazy as Chinese New Year is the same weekend and there is a large population of Chinese in the Bay Area with many events scheduled.  But San Francisco is a key city for many of the host activities and the Superbowl City and the NFL experience are the center points for visitors.

As for the special exhibit set up in front of Ferry Building, there was a massive turnout of people over opening weekend.  Unfortunately for me, it was too crowded and many of the interactive games and exhibits had two hour waiting times.  The weekend was windy and cold and the next few days are going to rain so I don't think many will be hanging out there.  Many of the networks have set up portable studios for live broadcasts from the area so expect a lot of media coverage from "Superbowl City", the city within the city.  I left after spending only about 90 minutes due to the cold and windy conditions.  

The Fan Dome

Fan Dome houses interactive games

There are going to be lots of free concerts throughout the week at the stages set up within the complex.

Free Concerts at the City Stage - but no seats and the ground was wet

Both teams have already arrived and numerous events have been set up in San Jose and San Francisco.  Several hundred million is expected for the businesses in the area from the attendees and at last tally, seats are astronomically high (up to $23K USD for a ticket).  I am going to a new year dinner that night, but may spend a few hours watching the TV commercials as that is my favorite part of the game.  I will be warm and comfy at home...and thousands of dollars richer.  Neither the Broncos nor the Panthers interest me.

Anyway, some chores planned for today up at the cabin and then some shopping later in the week.  Just 13 days left before that jump back to the other bookend.

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