Monday, February 22, 2016

The Fish and Pond photos

Have some time tonight after dinner to post the pictures of the pond and fish from this afternoon. The pictures are fish from the experimental batch we planted in August when the water was of questionable quality and the pond water level was very low. 

One throw of the net in the smallest pond yields both Tilapia and climbing perch

We bought  batches of 1000 fish for 1/2 baht to 1 baht each.  The tilapia being the cheaper species.  They have pretty much lived off pond water, duckweed, and an occasional feed and the results are not too bad.  In the photo below, see the fish next to each other and relative to my shoe (size 10.5).  The perch are almost the color of the earth so its harder to see.

Avg size Tilapia now after 5 1/2 months - another month or two before harvesting
I am thinking that even with the bad water during the initial pond dig, we still got about a 20-25% survival rate for the Tilapia and more than 60% on the perch.  That's not too bad for a 1500 baht investment.  Yield of over 1,000 lbs of fish.  The climbing perch are three times more valuable in terms of sales than Tilapia.

The medium pond is now raising 2500 fish.  The large pond has 5000 fish.

Just add some food and drink and fun time for all...
It is also providing a source of entertainment for the kids and B's father as they try their luck with rod and reel too.  A nice little hut by the water, some food and drink, and one can easily waste the afternoon away....5555

Anyway, more later as its good to be back at the resort.  By the way, the weather is perfect!  Not hot and humid like the mango and cools to the 70s at night.  Feels like I'm in the Islands again.  

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