Friday, March 25, 2016

Back in the Mango

Got back around 12:30PM to the mango.  Looks like the weekend traffic started early, but that's to be expected as its Good Friday and Easter is this Sunday.  Traffic was great until we got to the mango and then there was a backup from the cars leaving and going south from the center of the city.  Thailand is a Buddhist country, but there are many western owned businesses that observe the holiday and everyone is always looking for an excuse to be off work right?  Also, many of the kids go to Christian based schools and colleges so its a holiday for them and the parents that work for themselves take time to go on holiday too.

Took a brief nap and did some chores and will be getting ready for the Friday night get together with the local guys.  Super G is in town for a few days and I wanted to catch up with him on things as he has been absent for a bit.

Since we are going to be in town for a few days and the weather is heating up, we are going to take Marina to a couple of exciting venues.  The first is a visit to Fantasia Lagoon at the Mall Bangkae which was recommended by the Priest.   There are a number of other Fantasia Lagoons at many of "The Malls" around Bangkok and even one in Korat, but this is the closest and best for us in the mango.  Thailand is full of water parks and many more are opening down near Pattaya and even up near Khao Yai.  Will likely do a detailed post on them in the future.

Secondly, next week The Disney on Ice show is in town, right after the Motorshow (which I want to go this week also).  We have tickets to see Marina's favorite characters from Frozen:  Queen Elsa and Princess Anna.  B has her little princess dress all ready and I can't wait to see her face when characters like Mickey, Goofy, and Olaf pop out on the stage.  Should be a lot of fun this week!!!!

More later this week and its time to get ready for the free buffet tonight.

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