Friday, March 4, 2016

Hoping to get back to the mango today but....

The plan was to try to get back to the mango today, but in order to do so, I have to get a few things done and some cooperation from some of our contractors.

The deal with the property of B's aunt went really well and we got a terrific deal - so much so that we had some cash left over for another project.  They have foreclosure deals here in the Land of Smiles just like they do in the States and if you happen to come across one, it can be quite profitable.  B and her mother spent the day yesterday doing inventory of the property.  There was lots of expensive China, Crystal vases, and furniture in the houses.  I was hoping to get the 4 wheel drive ATV vehicle and the motorcycle too, but that was not part of the sale (the dealerships took the title back).  Its likely that we are going to take the Gazebos back to the resort, but that is something that we can wait to do another time.

Site of the new market- it will start behind the electrical poles

In the meantime, the weather is cooperating for us to start another project.  When we purchased the adjoining property last year, we realized that rice farming was not going to be economically viable. The farmer had tried for many years to make it on rice farming, only to go further in debt before selling it to us.  We decided that in order to monetize the property we had to change its use.  Phase one was to built the fish ponds out back, and now this year, we will build a little commercial strip along the roadway for rental to food and drink vendors.  This strip will have a lake view and would be a great place for a little food court type of business.  It can also serve as a weekend market to augment the new market being build just a few hundred yards down the road.  

Access Road to the future market completed this morning (Foreground)

Yesterday, I had a meeting with the guy who built the fish ponds for us to see what it would cost to build the commercial strip.  This guy has all the heavy equipment and trucks needed to build any kind of project and we've been working with him for years.  He tells us dirt is hard to get, but he has a lead on some, but its a bit farther than usual.  Anyway, he tells us he thinks he can get the dirt for 230 baht a truckload and so we shook hands on an initial batch of 500 truckloads.  That amount of dirt should elevate about 1 rai of land for the market, which should be plenty to start.

Once he gets here later today and we walk through what needs to be done, we can head back to the mango and relax for a bit before coming back.  If not, then it will be tomorrow or the next day...the nice thing is that we don't have a set schedule and the weather is so great up here that I don't mind the extra time.  Besides I like to move dirt and make new features for our property.

UPDATE:  I was able to get back to the mango late this afternoon as the workers had to go to another job site in the afternoon.  They know what to do and I will be back in a week to make sure everything is OK.

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