Thursday, March 31, 2016

Hot Sticky days in the mango but it all goes down well..........

Its one of those days in the mango when you want to stay inside, but we have a show to go to later in the day.  Its 80% humidity outside and 83F so it feels like  95F and its only 8:30AM.  Steam room conditions with a threat of rain.  It will be good to be inside a venue with a frozen ice ring later in the afternoon.

Spent part of yesterday clearing our toilet as it was flushing very slow and sometimes backed up.  Tried to use detergent and soap and a plunger the last day or so, but the thought finally came to us that Marina had likely thrown something down the toilet and it was stuck inside.

After a trip to Home Pro in the morning for some supplies, I took the toilet off the floor and checked the floor drain.  It was OK.  When I checked the toilet itself, there was obviously something stuck inside the plumbing of the fixture.  After about 30 minutes of unsuccessful coaxing with a coat hanger, I finally figured I had to turn the darned thing upside down to jiggle the obstruction out.  Its not that easy to take a tanked toilet and turn it upside down without breaking something.

This was the nasty obstruction that Marina threw in
I guess I could have had a local handyman do it for a few hundred baht, but I was curious as to the problem and wanted to see if I still had the DIY skills to take care of this kind of problem when there was no one around.  Aside from a slightly broken toilet seat from turning the toilet upside down, all is well now and going down smoothly....5555  One thing I discovered is that the wax seals one uses in the States between the toilet fixture and the drain don't seem to be available here.  So plan on using some flexible putty instead or bring a few over from aboard on the next trip.

Planning to leave around noon for today's Disney on Ice performance.  We have to pick up our tickets at the will call windows as they couldn't deliver my tickets by courier.  I was in California at the time they were ordered so getting them before the show was necessary.  Ordered my tickets in January and still didn't get the seats I wanted.

Marina will be in costume as will most of the other kids so it will be a lot of fun.  More tomorrow with some pictures.

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