Sunday, March 13, 2016

Its starting to get ugly

As some of you may have heard, there was another disruption at a Trump rally yesterday.  It seems like violence is the next extreme tactic that is being used to slow the Trump train down.  Backed by George Soros and other financial powerbrokers, puppet organizations like and radical groups crashed the rally in Chicago, forcing its postponement.  The protests were put together by paid organizers and had professionally produced signs.  In effect, it was a typical 'rent-a-mob' that one finds in Banana Republics and developing corrupt countries.  Even ACORN got into the act in Ferguson, so its really happening in America even having been exposed by the main stream media.

As the onion peals away,  one can see that there really isn't a right or a left wing, a Democratic or Republican party, just those who are the puppet masters, the puppet politicians,  and all of us other pinons.  You don't really have free speech rights unless you are saying the right things from the viewpoint of those in power.  Plus your vote really doesn't count if its not for who the puppet masters want to win.  America is finally waking up to that reality after a long drunken slumber and the hangover is going to pretty bad.  

No, this election is getting ugly and it will get worse now that all gentlemanly, political, non violent means have shown its ineffectiveness against Trump.  Trump's freedom of speech was violently violated but nothing will come of it due to politics.

I supported a candidate like Trump once when I was younger and more naive. I went out and worked the precincts to 'get out the vote'.  He had all the same intentions of cleaning up government, like he did when he worked as Attorney General.  The powers that be didn't like him as they wouldn't have been able to control him.  When he finally cinched the nomination after a win in California, they shot him in the head after giving a speech at the victory rally.  Bobby Kennedy was shot by Sirhan Sirhan, a middle eastern Palestinian of Jordanian decent.  That killing shattered the dreams of a generation and brought many to the reality that "freedom is not always free" and things are not always what they seem.

The cycle of history is coming around again.  Will we be able to learn from it past or be doomed to repeating it again.  

Please be safe Mr. Trump, and watch your back as there are some really, really bad people out there who will resort to anything to cling to power.

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