Thursday, March 10, 2016

Jungle fare

Want to know some stuff considered "Jungle Food"?  Actually, its a very loose term we use up here to say food harvested from the wilds of the land.  When you live in an extremely poor area, people have to go around the brush, fields, and jungles to look for any kind of food for sustenance.  Its kind of like the survival shows on the History or National Geographical channels except its for real to the poor people who live in the area.

Some field rats and frogs off the barbie
Red Ant Egg Omelets 

Red Ant eggs sold by the gram

You've seen some of the results in the mango as vendors display trays offering a variety of bugs, beetles, and crickets.  You hear about delicacies like red ant eggs.  I've also posted pictures of field rats on the barbie.  For sweets, how about bee hives just harvested off the trees in the wild?

A tray of freshly harvested bee hives

Actually, B found these last night at one of the local markets.  They are eaten by just taking a small section and chewing the wax and extracting out the honey.  This gives a blend of both royal jelly and honey directly from the nest.  Be careful however before putting a piece of wax into your mouth as sometimes there are still a few live bees hiding in or roaming around the cells.  When you are done, just spit our the wax and pop in another piece!

B out back harvesting some fruit from our trees

So if any of you are wondering about what can be bought and sold at 'jungle markets' or pretty much most markets upcountry, this will give you an idea.  Of course, there is all that usual stuff like fish, eels, chickens, pork, veggies and fruits galore.  In our area, we are lucky to have enough water this year for most crops and so our concept of the Jungle Market should do well in the short term.   In fact, if you note the rice fields in our market project, they are still wet from the rains.  

Anyway, the dirt moving guys just got here and have a question about something so I have to go.

Plan to go back to the mango tomorrow for a week or so  until they get the next 500 trucks finished before coming back up.  In the meantime, its hunting for plants and old stuff that will go into the jungle as props.  

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