Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Life in the big city..

Having a fun week here in the mango.  Went to the archery range on Monday for a couple of hours and then went out for some shopping at Makro.  Yesterday, I had to wait for the aircon guys from Samsung and then out to the post office to claim some merchandise for my kite business.  Today, I'm going out to Fortune Town to buy one or two more WiFi repeaters or extenders.

With the demise of Pantip Plaza (see previous blog post), Fortune town seems like the next best alternative for me in terms of accessibility.  It was inevitable that Pantip would be shut down due to the restrictions against pirated software, hardware, etc.  The owner had too much at stake to keep it open as he is a major player of one of the top family controlled enterprises here in the land of smiles.

I have an area of approximately two square city blocks to cover with WiFi so getting the right equipment is important if we manage to work out the financial details to get our fiber optic feed into the resort.  Today's visit is more of an exploratory trip to see what brands are available and their cost as I have the option of bringing back better stuff on my next trip over.  Hopefully I can find an Amped SR10000 as they are rated very highly and selling for only $72 on Amazon.  
Amped WiFi repeater SR10000

Not much else happening here - life goes on, people are smiling, and everyone is happy.  Its quiet, calm, and free of the hysteria of the primary elections back in the states. US style Democracy..Bah-humbug! ...give me a Thai military junta any day. I like it that way and will likely live longer in this kind of stress free environment...555

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