Thursday, March 24, 2016

Love the new fiber service

This is where they brought the fiber cable into the building
The new fiber service is really great.  I didn't have a chance to post more detail regarding the service, but it was quite painless (for me anyway as the TOT guys had to work really hard to pull cable through the ceiling).  When it was all done, I just had to do some basic configuration for the WiFi, plug in my computer and that was it.  Then I tried to run my old network router as a slave unit off the TOT router.  That is where I ran into some problems with the old router as it was originally an ADSL modem router combo and it didn't like operating like a stand alone router.  Ultimately, I think the answer is to buy a stand alone high powered wireless router and bring two repeaters from the States and I will have coverage on every square inch of our resort.

I experimented with a download yesterday (I won't say what it was in this public forum) and it was extremely fast.  Fast meaning as it was in minutes instead of hours so it will be a great service to our resort guests who have to do business or just upload files of their vacation, etc.

Drop point and termination in corner of our resort office
The last task before I head back to the mango tomorrow is to set up my CCTV interface to the new router.  The old interface was on the other router and I just need to duplicate the settings.  Hopefully that won't be too big a chore and I plan to do that later in the afternoon.  The connection allows me to view the resort CCTV system from anywhere in the world via a browser or smartphone.

We opted to get only the 45 mps service with ipTV as it seemed like the best deal.  TOT is offering a promotion (see below) for their fiber service.  But its supposed to be where there is fiber installed already, and not pulling cables for two miles just to get fiber to you.  We were lucky to know the right people and get moved up in the installation schedule.  Promo for our service is going to be around $54 USD.

This morning, I am going to the local Isuzu dealer to get Vanna's 100,000 KM service.  Can't believe its already that much as it was like yesterday when we picked her up.  In retrospect, it was a great choice and has been a very valuable and dependable resource in the building of the resort and as a comfortable everyday transport vehicle.  She is a big car, but I get nearly 35 mpg from her very efficient diesel engine.  Cost less to run per mile than B's Honda City, which is a lot smaller and runs on 95 Gasoline!

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