Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Moving dirt......Progress report

As they say, its a dirty job but someone has to do it.  Actually, things are moving along on the Jungle Market project quite nicely.  We came up today after a nice weekend in Bangkok and to our surprise, they didn't do anything the last few days after the first 300 truckloads.  The contractor wanted to make sure I saw what has been done before moving on - that's the kind of guy I like.  Some others will just come in and dump the dirt and do it the easiest way and then try to convince you that its ok.  

So the progress report is that after 350 truckloads, they have about a 12 meter wide strip that has been elevated along the entire front of the property.  Based on my calculations after doing a walk-thru, it takes about 30 truckloads to make 1 meter of elevated strip.  So the remaining 150 truckloads will make another 5 meters.  That is way too narrow so I ordered another 500 truckloads today, making a total of 1,000 truckloads of dirt.  If calculations are right, the new dirt will create another 17 meters making a total strip width of 34 meters.  That might still not be enough.

I also need to make sure there is sufficient space for access roads and pathways so it may be that 500 more is needed, but we will decide when they finish the next batch.  Back in Kalifornia, I could never get this project done.  It would cost me an arm and a leg, plus likely my first born to get and move this much dirt.  Even then, the quality of the soil would not be nearly as rich as the soil that we have been getting. This project would not be feasible at all.

Here is where we started last Friday.  Note the power line and background for reference

As of this afternoon and 350 truckloads of dirt
The market is at the same level as the main road.  It looks elevated in the above pictures because there is a depression between the main road and the market.  Its a drainage ditch and a barrier for cars and people coming into the market from the road.  We want them to come in the main gate only so we will be using plants such as bougainvillea with lots of thorns to keep people out.  

This shows the elevation difference much clearer
Will try to get the drone out in the next day or so to get an aerial view.  In the meantime, I've been looking for timber bamboo and other Jungle plants for landscaping.  One of the truck driver says he has lots and is willing to sell.  Going to check it out as that is going to be our main design element.  In the meantime, we are also searching for the "heritage tree" or that special tree that will be in the very center of the market.  It has to be big and have lots of character as it will be the centerpiece of the market.  Can't wait for it to grow so we have to look around for an existing tree looking for a new home.

More tomorrow as dinner is ready.  Food has priority over blogging.

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