Monday, March 7, 2016

Nice Weekend

Had a nice weekend in the mango.  Seems like for the last few weeks, the only time I get to be in the mango is during the weekend.  Hopefully, that is going to change when I finish the market project.  Last update was that they had already filled in 300 truckloads of dirt as of Saturday so I expect that the landfill part of the project will be completed by Tuesday when I go back upcountry.

That is the neat thing about living here in Thailand.  It is so easy to do business and get things done if you know the right people.  There are no special permits, environmental impact studies, and government oversight.  Unless you do something illegal like growing dope, cutting down protected trees or encroaching on public land, you can pretty much do anything to your own land - especially rice paddies that are not making money.

Our concept logo
During the weekend, we've finalized the concept of the market.  Actually, I designed it but had to get everyone to buy in on it as its a bit unusual.  Instead of a regular market with just a flat piece of land for stalls next to each other, we will be building a concept market called the "Jungle Market".  We will build our own landscaped "Jungle" on top of the elevated land with planned spaces for the rental stalls and a place for a small food plaza.  The market will have plenty of trees for shade and be built in a way that incorporates winding pathways between areas and stalls.  It will take some time to develop, but plants are cheaper than structures and it will be something unique to our area and our province. Fortunately, we have the land, water, and sunshine to make the 'jungle' thrive.  There is a Jungle Market in Chiang Mai that is really in the jungle, but this one will be designed as a market from the start and the jungle will be built around it.  By the way,"'Joom" is B's nickname in Thai and I named the market after her as it seems to fit perfectly with the word Jungle.  I am hoping that someday it can become a tourist stop for visitors to our province.

Plan to go to the archery range today before heading upcountry tomorrow morning.  Don't seem to have time to shoot arrows up at the resort nowadays.  Wonder why?

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