Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Posting from the resort

We left this morning before the sun rose at 6AM for the resort.  Initially our plan was to leave yesterday and have some leisure time up here before conducting some business today.  Instead we decided to stay another day in the mango and to make it up by leaving early today.  The plans worked out great as we were here by 10:30AM even with a long breakfast stop and lots of truck traffic on the small road.

Photo of the property from 2014 when I attended an ordination party there
We are here to close a deal on a piece of property from B's aunt. This aunt, who lived in Sweden and has citizenship there is a classic case of ruin by compulsive gambling.  She has had six foreigner  husbands, five kids from a combination of them, and supposedly has tested positive for HIV.  Her last husband just dumped her after she conned him out of this home by borrowing money against it without his knowledge.  She also borrowed money from B and I with this piece of property as collateral. Anyway the bank and other debtors are foreclosing for their share and we want to protect our share so its likely we will be able to buyout their shares at a major discount and foreclose ourselves because the other debtors have no interest in the property.  That would at least keep the property in the family and we would get a very good deal as the property is enclosed and has three small houses and lots of personal effects inside.  It would make a good rental property.  

In the past, this woman had flashed her wealth from her many husbands and her gambling habit, creating a lot of animosity between her, and her family and neighbors.  They would like nothing better than to see her go in shame.  In her younger days, I guess she was quite a looker but sadly she lost everything once each of her new husbands found out about her gambling habit and eventually cheated them out of considerable sums of money.  But she would find another sucker again in time. So the lesson here is that being married to a Thai woman can have its risks, more so if she is a high rolling compulsive gambler.

She nowhere to be found now, but if her past is an indication, she will show up again some time in the future with a new husband and a thick wad of cash to spend sad.  If she wants the place back, I will gladly sell it back for a profit, but that's unlikely as it will bring up questions from her new husband as to how she got it in the first place.  She's likely to blow that wad of cash on another new property at the expense of husband number seven.

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