Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Routine days here in the Mango and some good news

The last few days have been rather routine here in the mango.  Had a nice weekend, went to dinner with Bangkok Buddy and another buddy from Hawaii at Oishi on Sunday night after a session at the archery range.  Was going to go out again to the range yesterday, except Bangkok Buddy called in sick.  Evidently, he got sick from some of the food at dinner the night before.  While I was rather bloated from all the food I had eaten, it didn't seem to impact me.  Also, I am very religious about taking probiotics every day.  They have kept me very healthy, regular, and provide some limited protection from the many GI ailments one can get in the LOS.  They (the pills) are not cheap, but being healthy is something I believe is worth the money spent plus interest.

We had a doctor's appointment yesterday morning and afterwards I spent the afternoon shopping at both TOPs and MAKRO.  Have been so busy that our supplies were running low and a trip was way overdue.

Yesterday's sonogram

We have some good news. We've known for a while, but have kept it secret.  Yesterday's doctor's appointment was a visit to the OBGYN for B.  We are having our second child.  B has just finished her first Trimester and the baby should be delivered around September.  Mother and baby are healthy, however B has a history of delivering early as Marina was a month early ( while I was on the plane over from California).  There are still a few more tests to be done and they took some blood samples yesterday.  Preliminary sonogram shows that its likely (90% sure) another girl !  But I want to wait another month before we officially say its 100% sure.  Am I happy?  Yep..walking on cloud 9 and on the way up to 10.  We've wanted one more and hoped it would be another girl...we got our wish!  

That's the good news for me to share with the faithful readers of this blog.  I consider all of you intimate friends even though I may not have met you personally.  You have access to a journal of our lives and have shown an interest for whatever reason so we wanted to share this joyous moment with you.  Bringing another life into this uncertain world is a big responsibility, but its one that we both cherish and take on with vigor.  

We've changed hospitals also.  Instead of Bangkok Christian, we have decided to have the baby at BNH on Convent.  Its walking distance from the condo and we both liked the facilities and service.  

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