Thursday, March 3, 2016

Shaking in their boots.....

He must be doing something right as the established GOP party makers are pulling out the big guns and ammo.  With his decisive Super Tuesday showing, Trump has entered the China shop and has began to rumble his way around and the owners of that shop are afraid he will be breaking everything in sight and bring down the status quo in the process.  So they are throwing everything under the sun at him...The KKK, the Bush Dynasty, and now they are even bringing out Romney.

When I see that level of desperation, I see a scared establishment.  When I can see it, so can the American public...if they don't see it, Trump will make sure they see it.  I was skeptical at first, but I think the Donald is the man for the moment.  For too long, we have been doing the same thing with the same kind of politician and hoping for a different outcome.  The so-called 'establishment' candidates have disappointed and have turned out as 'phony' after they get elected just as they claim Trump to be a phony as a candidate.  

For too long, people have been so careful about being politically correct.  As a politician you can't offend this group or that and can't say this or that - you wordsmith every phrase.  You can't be taking about religion, sex, race, anger, hate, and other taboo things that make up the underbelly of our society and must ignore that these things exists in real life.  Trump has shown that he is someone that is unafraid to speak his mind and take these real life issues on.  He has fought with everyone under the sun, including the Pope, and has held himself high in doing so.  I think Americans are finally seeing what can be done if a strong and courageous person is leading the charge, but more importantly, the phony politicians in Washington see it too - and they are shaking in their boots.  No one is perfect, but I would prefer an in-prefect leader than a phony politician any day of the week.   

Even after all these years, this scene from "Network" so appropriate to us today

Americans are tired of the good old boys clubs wearing red or blue cardigan sweaters touting donkey or elephant patches.  They know they have screwed over and lied to and are 'mad as hell and aren't going to take it anymore'.  So it time for a change.

8000 bullets were fired during the movie in the closing bus scene

So, out comes the gauntlet, and the mindless soldiers with orders to 'shoot to kill'.  Eastwood would be proud.  As of today, I've finally made up my mind.  A true measure of a good citizen politician is a list of those established politicians that don't endorse him and want to take him down.  Will he survive the gauntlet or die in the process?   Lets hope he makes it for the sake of the country.

Go Trump 2016, and Make American Great Again.  

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