Monday, March 14, 2016


I have a new admiration for slime.  Its now too good a word to use for the likes of Hillary or other lowlifes that make up our political landscape.

Stir and mix...555

You see, during the weekend we made some slime for Marina to play with.  Actually, she helped..555  B got the idea from watching YouTube videos and you know what?  Its lots of fun.  The version we made has the consistency of a huge ball of silly puddy.  You can stretch it forever, and its dry to the touch and doesn't leave a messy residue on the floor.  Where was this stuff when I was a kid????

Wow, bright orange slime!!!

B and I got just as much fun out of this as Marina did.  The best thing is that its made from fairly common items.  While glue, soap, water, and some glycerin.  There are many recipes, some include borax and starch, but it all depends on what ingredients you can get in your location.  Borax is not easy to find in Thailand so we used one of the non borax formulas.   I bought little buckets from Makro for each of the colors and now she has a whole collection of colors to keep her busy

This wasn't the exact formulas we used but  you get the idea.  

Anyway, will be here in the mango for most of the week as they are still working on the market back upcountry.  They supposedly started on the 600th truck yesterday.  Only 650 trucks left and by my calculation, that should take at least 5 more days so we won't leave  until this weekend.

In the meantime, I want to go out to the archery range and shoot some arrows.  Gotta enjoy life sometimes...but as for now, slime is a good word and a good thing...

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