Friday, March 11, 2016

Some fiber optic cable guys showed up last night

Some mid level TOT managers showed up at the resort last night to discuss the fiber optic service into the resort.  Talk about fast, our friend just left a day or so ago and these guys are falling all over themselves to bring in the service.  A premise tech is supposed to show up today and from what the management guys told me, the fiber optic service should be working next week.

They are going to have to bring cable from a couple of miles down the road too as we are not close to any kind of town infrastructure or close to any of their central offices.  Our friend has some kind of pull to get all this done so quickly.  We will definitely have to give him big discounts when he comes up to visit his parents in the future....555   That's how it works sometimes, you scratch my back and I will do the same for you. I posted before, are the key to success and a much happier experience living in the land of smiles.

It also looks like 200MB is not available up here yet, so they suggested 45 or 50MB service with Free ipTV included.  In any rate, its faster than what we have now by a longshot.  Wow, 45-50 MPS download speeds...I can't wait.

I will have to meet the premise tech today, hopefully in the morning, before going back to the mango. Hopefully I can get back in time to make the free buffet tonight, but if not, there is always next week. Will know more in a few hours.

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