Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Some Fun at Fantasia Lagoon

This is the largest pool, but only 1.6m deep

As previously posted, we had plans for a trip to Fantasia Lagoon at the Mall Bangkae this week.  The weather has been very warm up to the last couple of days so going to a water park is a fun way to cool off and spend some family time together.  Fantasia Lagoon is located on the roof of the Mall Bangkae, which is at the intersection of Outer Ring Hwy 9 and Hwy 4 (Phetkasem Road).  It took about 30 minutes from the central business district via Hwy 35 and then going north on Hwy 9.  I don't recommend taking Phetkasem Road as its always crowded and it really isn't a tollway or highway, but just a multi-laned city street.

As with the other 'Mall Group" developments, the anchor department store tenant is Robinsons and its quite large in size.  Parking is free for the first 4 hours and is very crowded.  Fantasia Lagoon is located on the roof of the mall with access from the 4th floor.  Also on the 4th floor are rides and the theaters, making a wonderful place for kids to hang out.  We decided to come on a weekday as I've heard its very crowded during weekends and holidays.

Admission to Fantasia Lagoon is free for kids under 90cm (Marina was only 85 without her hair bun).  Adults are 200 baht and seniors are 100 baht (with ID card over age 60) so the prices are quite reasonable.  Once inside, there is also food and beverages for sale at very fair prices.  Since its located in a mall, one could also eat before and after visiting the park so don't worry about packing food or drinks.

Our little corner table under an umbella
As to the attraction itself, we will definitely go back again as it was a lot of fun.  Swim suits are available for rental as well as the mandatory swimming caps.  If you want to purchase your own stuff, there is a swim shop just in front of the entrance on the 4th floor.  Once inside, there are changing rooms and showers for guests and they are kept spotlessly clean.  Tables and  umbrellas are located in little alcoves and provide a bit of privacy and shade for visitors.  

For the younger kids, the fountain spray areas provide a lot of fun in very shallow water and for the older kids, the larger water slides  provide more of a challenge.  One can just float around the lagoon or pick one of the many themed areas and just get wet and wild.  

Marina having a fun time swimming with her inner tube

A bit of warning however.  We couldn't get Marina to stop playing on the kiddie tube and slides even when we knew she was exhausted...555.   And she put us such a fuss when it was time to come home and said she wanted to live there instead of coming home.  So it was a big day for her and something that we both enjoyed as well.  I think we spent about 200 baht on food and drinks inside, making the total day's outing for 3 people at only 500 baht.  No wonder its one of the best kept secrets of the mango.  Worth visiting even if you don't have any kids.  In a way, I wish I grew up here in the mango as I never even experienced a water slide until I was all grown up.

Marina and Dad visiting the waterfall

Marina and B having some time together

The following is a very short but concise video of the park.  No, the people shooting the video are not us, but it shows a lot more of the park than my pictures ever could.  

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