Saturday, March 5, 2016

Sticky Mango Morning

Woke up this morning to a very sticky mango.  Temperature in the mid 80s with 70% humidity even though it hasn't rained a spit in the last few weeks - that's what the reading is at 10:30 AM.  Little or no wind will make it like a steam room later this afternoon.  Still, time permitting, I think I will head out to the archery range and take advantage of my yearly membership.  Paid for a year of unlimited use and its my loss if I don't take advantage of the privilege.  And the heat - I'll just have to deal with it; after all, I chose to live here knowing full well how hot it can get.


Interesting news about the possibility of a 100 foot wide asteroid (TX68) passing as close at 15,000 miles above the earth.  That is 7,000 miles lower than our GPS satellites.  Talk about dodging a bullet, if it hit the earth, it could create a lot of damage in an inhabited area and possibility set off drastic climate changes.  The margin of error is between 15,000 miles and 3 million miles so it doesn't give me a lot of confidence in the forecaster of this path and event - especially since they only observed it for 10 days, three years ago.  Even if the scientist and government knew that it would hit the earth for sure, do you think they would tell the public and set off panic?..more than likely they will quietly prepare themselves and let us pinons die.  By the way, its also around the time of a solar eclipse with the moon so some think its all the signs of the end of the world as we know it.  Is this the mysterious Planet X or Nibiru that some have been predicting would be upon us in March?  Whatever it turns out to be, I am right where I want to be if this is my final few moments before eternity. We will know in a few days.....


  1. watch when the rats head for their holes.
    this is too small to be nibiru. however nibiru is trailing thousands of rocks that could create vast destruction
    we will pass through the tail of this
    nasa covers it up

  2. You might be right Barnaby, asteroids seldom travel alone but instead are usually part of a larger body that has disintegrated into small pieces. Where there is one, like there are lots of others nearby.

  3. I guess we are still here...

  4. yep, we sure are but for how much longer?...555

    1. Not too long, maybe a few more billion years...+/- couple of hundred million :-P


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