Wednesday, March 23, 2016

The cut-over is supposed to be today....

Cable has been pulled outside of the main room ready to go into the ceiling
The TOT techs came by yesterday and told me that the cabling from the node to the resort is done and that they will do customer premises equipment installation today.  That means they are going to take the cable from outside our main building into the resort office and set up the CPE equipment and router.  I have to admit that once they got started, the work progressed really fast and efficiently and to have fiber optic cable directly into our office is something I would never have expected for many more years.  As I mentioned, I will have better connectivity and bandwidth than many homes and businesses in California - and I'm in a remote province (the least visited) in Northeast Thailand.  

The Router should terminate in this corner from the ceiling downfeed

Its likely that they will take over the office this morning and maybe take down the internet so I'm making this early post before the techs arrive and hopefully they will be finished later today so I can post from the new feed.  As of this morning, the speed tests results show I have about a 8.8 MB download speed and 420K upload.  I will run the test again after the installation and compare the difference. 

Copper wire and ADSL technology speed test

The equipment supplied will include WiFi and four Ethernet ports.  I am thinking that I will set up two separate WiFi networks.  One will be the one directly from the Fiber Optic router and the other using our existing network.  That way, we can save the higher speed for our personal use only.  There should be an improvement in the existing network also, but this configuration allows me more control over the resort users and options.  

My little corner of the office at the resort

More later and hopefully not too much later unless complications come up.

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