Monday, March 21, 2016

The Fiber Optics guys came today.....

Six big trucks rolled up to our surprise
When it rains, it pours.  Aside from the work on the market pad, the fiber optic installers from TOT came by today and began their work. Six big trucks rolled up this morning full of workers. We negotiated a deal last week for the new service and while they were a few days late, they are here to put in our very own fiber feed.  See previous post on "some help from our friends" regarding details.  

This installer had to deal with some tree issues
Our fiber will be directly fed from a central office node to our office distribution point.  Cost us a bit more because of the cabling, which is several miles down the road.  But once done, we will have the fastest service in this area and it will be able to position us for gigabit bandwidth technology when it becomes available in the future and should be the last cable we should ever need to run. I'm excited that we worked out a deal but it will still cost us $38K (with a big discount) baht for the work and customer premise equipment.  For a bit over a thousand USD to get fiber optic cable and feed to our remote end of the planet is a bargain in any currency.  

Spools of fiber optic cable run from several miles down the road
They've stopped for the day, but I have to now think about upgrading all of our wireless equipment to higher speeds, especially those that use video.  More money, but I have more bandwidth and technology than I have at my condo in the states, and even the mango.  The fact that we will be able to watch ipTV and get fast feeds from all around the planet is worth it.  Its our gateway to the world from our remote location and that gateway is going to get a lot bigger and faster.

A crew of more than 10 guys for the job in 100F weather
Just to think that a few years back, I had to beg for basic ADSL service and was even asked to pay a bribe to the local management by another service provider in the area to move us up the queue (we won't say their name here to shame them, but it rhymes with blue.)  Needless to say, we didn't pay and found TOT and now we have bandwidth up to our ears.  

Tomorrow will bring more surprises, but what is life without them?  It would be like eating a meat dish without spices, or plain rice without side dishes.  Boring, bland, and tasteless..........

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