Friday, March 18, 2016

The Heat is on......

Yep, its that time of the year in the land of smiles when the temperature goes up another notch.  With the national weather service warning of extremely high heat during the weekend and the week after, its time to be careful and make sure one doesn't get heat stroke.  The temperature coupled with the higher humidity gives a heat index much higher than normal.  Just glanced at my weather station and its 85F with 79% humidity right at this moment ( 9:30AM), which is like a steamy shower room.  

The very first time I came to Thailand was in March and we stayed two weeks with temperatures above 95F and even 100F and I wondered how it was possible for people to live in conditions like this.  In fact, two of my kite team mates fainted and passed out after a performance due to the heat and had to be treated for minor heat stroke.  They woke up to a couple of beautiful Thai nurses each, giving them cold water compresses and water and fell in love with the country forever, heat or no heat...555  Since then, I've found that the Thais don't like the heat any better than we from cooler climates.  When it gets to the extremes on both ends (cold or hot), their bodies are less adept in handling the variance and their homes in the poor countryside are usually not air conditioned nor heated.  Thus you hear of many deaths related to the heat or cold in the rural areas.

For the poor in Bangkok, there are the malls and other common places for a bit or relief.  I've even seen students riding the Skytrain back and forth until their allocated time is expired in order to find a cool place to study.  People here are very good at adapting to the situation and luckily, its only for a short period.  Needless to say, this is low season for another couple of weeks as Songkran is just around the corner.  This year, the water play will be limited due to the drought so keep that in mind as you plan your trip over.

Bangkok buddy and I met up for some archery yesterday.  After about 90 minutes, we decided to call it quits and went to lunch instead at one of malls to cool off.  Going to the free buffet tonight after a nice massage, but then it up to the resort next week and 105F temps for the whole week.  Heat or no heat, still a great place to be living.

For those that are here, a little song  that is so appropriate as they enjoy their vacation or looking for that someone special,  in the mango or elsewhere in the land of smiles.

One final note for today.  Starting this weekend, if you overstay your visa for more than 90 days you are in big trouble and can be banned from coming back into Thailand for up to 10 years on the most serious cases.  Not that anyone reading this blog would do such a thing, but in case you know someone who is in this category......

They say good guys in, bad guys out.....but what about these guys... are they going to reform???....not

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