Wednesday, March 9, 2016

The hot weather has started

Last week, I was saying how great the weather was up here in the country.  Well that was last week and yesterday and today were scorchers.  Its supposed to hit 105F tomorrow before a little bit of cooling on Friday.  The rest of next week will all be over 100F during the day.   Its that time of year when the weather is the hottest and the best thing to do during the day is to take long naps.  There is no rest for the wicked but there is aircon!  So I just took a quick trip into town with the aircon turned up and ran into the aircon stores and all is OK.  Back at the resort and I'm sitting pretty in my aircon office and will likely go over and take a nap in a few minutes in my aircon bungalow.  

What would I do if we didn't have aircon?  Likely take a trip back to Kalifornia for a couple of months as I hear the Bay Area is a bit chilly now at 51F.  But we do have aircon and all is well in the land of smiles.

A little bit of help from our friends:

While I was away in the mango, our internet service went down and B's mother was having a hard time getting someone to fix the problem.  Then by chance, one of the neighbor's  was returning to the country to see his mom and decided to stay with us.  When he tried to use our internet service it was down and he asked what the problem was.  It turned out that he is a now a big manager at TOT and is responsible for customer services to businesses in the lower region of Issan.  We did not know he had that as a job and a quick call from him to the maintenance center and the guys shows up in 15 minutes and are apologizing profusely about the delay.  B's mother had waited days with no results and one call from this guy and these no good techs were hoping around like crazy rabbits.  The found the problem and fixed it in less than a hour.  A grass or brush fire had burned the wires about a mile down the road and it was very quickly replaced.

Anyway, he turns out to be a good family friend and has known B's parents since he was young.  Last night, we had drinks and dinner and he tells us that if we want fiber to our resort, he can put us in the priority queue and there is already hardware in the area.  I immediately said yes and so B's mother will be initiating the paperwork this week.  We will have to buy our own commercial grade fiber hardware on the customer side for around 30K baht, but he says with that setup we will be good to go for gigabit service if we wanted.  In any case he recommended we get at least the 200MB service which is a vast improvement over what we have now.  

Now I have his card and a personal phone number.  If we get any hassles from the local office, a call to him will help us get our issues resolved.  Relationships...the key to success in the land of smiles.

Market Project:

Lastly, the guys are at the site again to  build out the pad.  They arrived at 9AM and its a bit slower now and the weather is getting hot and they are working outdoors.  We try to keep them hydrated too as they work very hard outdoors at this time of year.  That's the culture here, we take care of each other even if its just a working relationship.

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