Monday, March 21, 2016

The went over 1000 truckloads yesterday

In fact, they're at 1,004 truckloads and the pad is finally beginning to look pretty good.  I went out this morning and took some photos to compare them to the start of the project.  Its always fun and informative to see the actual transformation.  We will keep it in our history book and on our blog so that hopefully, years from now we can look back and laugh or cry depending on the outcome...

How it looked before we started less than 3 weeks ago

After around 250 truckloads

After 1000 truckloads
From a side perspective, here are the before and after photos.

view before we started - note the trees in background

As of yesterday and 1000 truckloads later
When we are finished, we will hopefully have about a 2 rai sized building pad.  If left as rice paddies, we could expect to yield only 24 bags of rice ( 50kilos each) on a average year - a peanut return on the investment and the amount of work required.  Now the land is more valuable as a commercial strip and rental property.  I put on my developer hat, and made a small investment to make it that way, but its something that will pay off and return benefits for a long time.

Another 250 truckloads are planned until we reach a checkpoint.  We may stop if there is enough space and  may order more, but it will depend on what it looks like at that point.  

Once done, we will wait until rainy season to start planting.  The 100F degree heat will kill anything planted at this point and we aren't in any rush to start planting either in this heat.

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