Sunday, March 20, 2016

Up in the country.......

Our soon to be local market (note the big building in the background) - currently flea market only opens on Sunday.

Left early this morning for the country.  Didn't realize that today was holiday of sorts so we encountered a lot of traffic getting out of the mango.  We did make up the time by skipping our breakfast break and so by around 12:30 PM we were rolling into the resort.  I wanted to come up today because the flea market down the road is open on Sundays only.  Since we have made all this time and effort to build a market, I wanted to gather intelligence on the layout and operation so as to not directly compete as we don't have the land to do so, but to supplement the area's shopping.  In Thailand, markets are often close to each other as are shopping centers, similar stores, etc thus building a 'magnet location' where people come.  This is in stark contrast to western thinking where 'territory' to the exclusion of competition is the business model.  I am hoping that we can add to the magnet value of the area by offering more space for vendors.

Vendors selling  everything, even bras, off back of their vehicles

Tables, signs, and merchandise of a typical food vendor
It will be busy until after dark as the market opens around 4PM due to the heat

There are even portable inflatable slide rides for the kids 
The market is well attended, rain or shine, every Sunday afternoon/evening.  Our market would be a lot smaller, but I hope the heavily landscaped 'jungle' theme will give us some distinction and attract some of the overflow vendors and customers who come by to this market.    We are just 500 meters from this market on the same side of the road.  Additionally, we may open three days a week in the evenings (Fri, Sat, Sun) and feature more of the farm and jungle fare.  

Here is the tentative layout of our market/food court.  Black squares are vehicles and the while squares are tables.  An open area with tables is located in the front for eating on site and there will be an exclusive beverage vendor for the market.  The market has only one access point via the brown road off the main highway.

Our market will be heavily landscaped with a food court area up front with a lake view
Accommodates 30 booths and one drink vendor
At this point, things are still fluid and we are going to review our plans and ideas with the local government authorities (and likely the police) tomorrow.  I don't think there is going to be an issue, but as with all things here and elsewhere, expect the unexpected and things will be fine.

More later in the week.

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