Wednesday, March 23, 2016

We're back!!!

The fiber optic guys got done about noon and we are now on the new network.  I've been working on trying to preserve the old network router's WiFi configuration but have decided it wasn't going to work to my liking.  So instead, I've set up a segmented WiFi for our internal use and one for the guests on the standard TOT router.  So far, the signal has been good enough to make to the bungalows without a repeater but I still have a couple on order when I return to California.

Here are the results after the installation:

We ordered the 45 Mbps service with 20 upload so its pretty close - cost less than 2K baht per month
and includes free ipTV.
Going to take a nap now as I've been playing with this alternate router for the last four hours.  Think I will just bring it back to the mango as a backup.  More details later.

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