Tuesday, April 5, 2016

A bit of Nostalgia - revisiting Bang Khun Thian

B and I celebrated our 10th anniversary today.  It was a low key celebration as we are kind of limited by what she can do with the baby on the way,  and having to make sure Marina can participate as well.  Any fancy trips or stays at exotic resorts will have to wait until sometime in the future.

We did however, decide to go to lunch at one of our old haunts.  Many years ago, when we wanted to go somewhere quiet and away from the mango, we would head over to Bang Khun Thian Seashore. Back then, the area was not yet developed and getting to the various restaurants would require a bumpy ride over a single lane, pot holed road.  It was a great  place to go because it wasn't too far away from the CBD and once there, it was a peaceful oasis for us to dine.

The seafood was fresh and one could dine and even take a little nap after lunch in one of the booths without worry.  

Today, the roads have been widened and all the holes are a memory of the past.  Many new housing developments now dot the landscape where once mangrove trees and shrimp farms were the order of the day.  Factories continue to expand and even the Transportation office is starting to get very busy here, which was one of the other reasons for coming out this way again.  B had to replace her Driver's license and I had to pay my motorbike tax.  We got both done in less than 45 minutes.

Looks small, but its huge inside
Sprawling complex and even paddle boats for the kids
 After the visit to the Transportation office, we went to one of our favorite restaurants:  Ao Kraben Seafood (Mega Ray).   Its actually a huge restaurant with seating for over 1000 people, but its business is mostly in the evenings and weekends.  As in the past, we like going during weekday lunch, where had the place all to ourselves.  

Banquet Style or tables over the water (in Background)

Its one of the last restaurants on the right side of the road as you head towards the water.  You can identify it by the huge sting ray sign and the large number of over the water structures.  We like it because of the location and the cool breeze that is always present there.  We've been coming here on and off for more than 10 years and have our favorite section of the restaurant.  

This is our favorite section - with the reclining pillows and low tables

Yum...look at all that food

Today, the food was as good as we remembered it and the cool breeze made the outing very refreshing.  The water surrounding the restaurant provides a natural cooling effect even in the middle of the afternoon.  The water surrounding the restaurant is also full of fish and one can buy fish food to feed them or I've seen others just throw leftovers into the water (no recommended).  We bought two bags of food for Marina and she loved the experience.

Pricing was fair, but not cheap like it always has been.  But the servings are very generous and the menu varied.  I just have to remember to come out more often and shouldn't require a special occasion to come out to this very special place.  With all the development going on in the area, I don't think this place will be around too much longer in its present state.

To get out here, take Rama II road (also called Hwy 35) and get off before the Big C.  Go along the frontage road until you see the Bang Khun Thian Road sign and make a left turn on the road.  Follow the road for about 7 km and the restaurant will be on the right.  Look for the sign with the sting ray.

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