Thursday, April 7, 2016

A toasty little greeting from the resort

Greetings from the resort.  Its a toasty 104F (40C) right at the moment but it could be a lot worse. With less humidity than in the Mango, it feels like any other hot day in the central valley in Kalifornia.  If you are in the shade with a bit of a breeze, its not so bad.  Still prefer to be inside with the A/C running however and won't venture out until later in the evening.  Like in drier climates, when its get down to around 90F and there is a breeze, it can be quite nice.

B had a bit of excitement coming up on her own.  She has our new 'toy' which she bought for me for our anniversary.  Only thing is that I have to pay for my own gift.  More about this toy later in the week.

Time for a little nap before dinner.  

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