Thursday, April 14, 2016

Back in the Mango.....

Yes, back already.  That was a very pleasant and quick trip back from the country.  I had forgotten that that was how we avoided the traffic every year around Songkran.  We would leave during the first day of Songkran, or immediately the morning after, to beat the traffic, figuring the people would still be there and secondly, sleeping late the second day after partying hard on the first day.

B reminded me of that as I had forgotten and thought we could just leave during the weekend and be fine --not!

The Exodus from the Mango...but they shall return in equal numbers.....

The thought of sitting 9 plus hours in bumper to bumper traffic in 105F or 42C weather just terrifies me as to the stress on your car and more importantly, your passengers and your own body.  Yugh!

Safely in the condo and time for a little nap as B is taking Marina out to see her aunt and to go to the Wat again this afternoon.  Time permitting, I'm going to cruise a bit inside Vanna to see what kind of action is happening in our area in term of water fights.  Otherwise, peace and quiet until this evening....

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