Thursday, April 21, 2016

Beach Day...

Going to the beach today.  Taking Marina to the beach for a little getaway before I run up to the country this weekend.  After that, a couple of days of shopping and then its off to Kalifornia for a month.

We're going to try our 'secret beach' today.  I'm going to nickname it 'Kokomo Beach' after the fictional beach in the Beach Boys song...555.  We found out about it last time we were in Hua Hin and didn't get a chance to do anything there except to take a couple of pictures.  This is a very tiny beach and hopefully not crowded at all during the weekdays.  A beach club is right up next to the sand and the other portion is free for public use.  

This is the 'free' side

This is the beach club side

Supposedly, for 200 baht, which could be applied for food and drink, we could use the beach club facilities but that has to be confirmed on this trip.  If not, the free side is perfectly acceptable and we can use the rental chairs and umbrellas.  Also, the food prices seem pretty reasonable at the food shack - why pay tourist prices when local food is better and prices a lot cheaper?  Besides, a couple hundred yards or so is all the difference between the two.  I mean this is a very tiny beach!  If showers are part of the deal, then I would definitely go the beach club route.

This is the free side food shack

Plan on having dinner there and returning a bit late.  Have a annual medical exam scheduled for tomorrow and then plan to visit the buffet later in the evening.  Fully booked schedule until my trip.

More later or tomorrow after we get back.

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